REVIEW: Sonic Unleashed

Publisher: Sega

Systems: Wii being reviewed, 360, PS3 and PS2 also avalible.

Well Sega, so close and yet so far. That’s what you get when you let the Sonic Team anywhere near the little dude….

Well, its not all horrible. In fact Sonic gets about a 50% on his latest test. The daytime stages are what Sonic needs to be: fast, furious and most of all, fun. The daytime stages are however, quite short. The nighttime stages however are a different beast altogether…and so you play as a different beast.

Sonic gets cursed to become a werehog every night when he gets drained of his power in super sonic form. The werehog stages are basically the bastard child of the old Crash Bandicoot games, with God of War’s combat system. Yet somehow Sonic Team has combined two previously awesome gameplay experiences into something tedious, boring and just plain button mashing your way through the way to frequent encounters against more than forgettable enemies. While technically these stages are in equal amount to the daytime ones, they take MUCH longer to complete, ergo taking up the brunt of the gameplay.

The graphics are excellent for the Wii, and I can only imagine better on the other two systems. The Hedgehog Engine has really proven itself by providing graphics that look almost as good as its next gen counterpart, albit a lower resolution.

The controls for the daytime stages are tight and polished, A is jump, Nunchuck stick to move and B to activate quick step. Flicking the remote is your homing attack and basically that’s all you need. The werehog stages however make waggle more painful than usual as you need it for EVERYTHING. I don’t say waggle lightly either, you literally shake the Wiimote and ‘chuk with no apparent direction required to do everything from attack to climbing pillars.

All in all, rent this game for the lulz...I give it a 4.0

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