BATTLE ROYALE May 2011 Part 1


So guys, who do you think was best over the past couple of weeks?

I think the fact that PSN has been down for the majority of them means that they automatically lose for this Battle Royal .


I agree.

Sony had an absolute disaster. When CNN is reporting on you, and Stephen Colbert is making fun of you, then you know you are in deep burgers. They will need a huge announcement to be able to come out of this, because I don’t think the PS3 will be selling very well this month.

Elsewhere, Nintendo announced that their next-gen console actually exists, but other than that, I can’t remember anything important.


I don’t think we can actually decide on who won these last 2 weeks. Maybe we could just take a point from Sony.


Or we could give it to the 360, for the lulz
Seeing as its the only online solution working, and ignoring PC gamers like usual.


I guess Nintendo as every other system is either offline or has nothing coming on the horizon, yay for boring news weeks.


The last few weeks have been so bad, we may as well say the N-Gage was the winner.


Sony still bringing the lulz.

I agree with Nerd. The N-Gage clearly had the best two weeks, mostly because someone on a gaming forum remembered it exists.


Do you have proof of that?


Well, Nerd just mentioned it.


Super Meat Boy got a level editor on Steam, anyone got anything better?

Any takers, any at all?


Either we take a point from Sony, or no one gets a point. Or, we give a point to Boredom.


I think we should take a point away from Sony. We are a bunch of Halo fanboys, after all.


Considering the curcumstances…Either Sony -1 or Bored to death +1

I’m playing Fallout New Vegas…with mods of course. Thats got to mean something right!?


It seems mean to take a point away, even if they deserve it.

So I choose +1 to Bored to Death.


It’s settled. This was a win for boredom!

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