COW: How low can Sony go?

I really love my Playstation Vita. I love my Playstation 3. And I really love Sony UK boss Fergal Gara.

People like to make fun of Sony by saying they are stupid, or dumb, or self-destruct their products and their own company; but Sony UK boss Fergal Gara tells it like it is.

You see, a lot of people complain that the Vita is “expensive”, has “hidden costs”, lacks “software”, and is a “very bad value”; among other silly things. But Sony knows that is not true, which is why they keep the price the same, they keep the expensive memory cards, puts emphasis on previously announced titles instead of announcing new ones, and showcase their excellent value with bundles.

In an interview with the jolly UK game journalistic webzone Eurogamer, my man Fergal “I Believe I can Fly” Gara was asked about the price of the Vita:

A lot of people are wondering about a Vita price cut. What’s your thinking there?

Fergal Gara: We always aim to establish price cuts. So the question is not so much if, but when. We won’t have an across the board price down this Christmas. […]

So a price cut will have to wait until next year then?

Fergal Gara: Yes.

Have you thought about timing on that?

Fergal Gara: That’s still under discussion.

See? They are discussing it! Some of the anti-Sony fanboy brigades will say this is obviously an idiotic decision; to announce a price cut for next year, leaving the Vita to go through the 2012 holiday season with nothing but bundles with games like “washed down Assassin’s Creed” and “not Black Ops 2″.

But you see, this is good. They are taking their time to make sure lowering the price is The Right Thing to Do™. You don’t want to make a mistake like Nintendo did by lowering the price of the 3DS and apologizing for their consumers by giving them a ton of free games.

Imagine that, a company apologizing to their costumers! I don’t know how much you know about Sony (I’m an expert), but Sony built their gaming business as revenge for Nintendo dumping them. Sony don’t play no apologizin’ game; Sony don’t play that (which probably explains why they don’t understand gaming anymore).

Anyway, now that Sony saved the Vita, we can move on to their latest masterpiece: the new PS3!

It’s so 80’s! Looks like a product Sony would make back when they ruled the industry with an iron post-war fist, and back when consumers still thought portable cassette players looked futuristic.

Of course, as expected, the anti-Sony fanboy brigade still found a way to criticize it, saying ridiculous stuff like “it’s ugly!”, or “why is it more expensive than the previous PS3?”, and that it was “ugly”.

Well, my man Sony UK Boss Fergal “my body is Fergal” Gara responded those attacks on the price swift-fully and decisively:

So you anticipate the price of the new PS3 will go down in the run up to Christmas?

Fergal Gara: Particularly with the 12GB you will see more attractive pricing than you saw last year with the 160GB. So getting into the PlayStation world will be better value than ever.

Yeah! A 12GB PS3 from 2012 is cheaper than a 160GB PS3 from 2011! Take that, Ouya!

That is true value, my friends; and shows the glorious PR skills of my man Sony UK Boss Fergal “we could have done a better job” Gara.

And for those of you poor, single-job people who can’t afford the wonderful Playstation Vita or the new PS3; have no fear, because plenty of retailers will be putting the systems on clearance bins through the holiday seasons as the mindless Sheep go to buy their ‘Wii U’s’ and ‘other videogames'; which we here with our Playstations are obviously very much fine without, thank you very much.

About the author: The Cow is an avid lifelong fanboy of all things Playstation. Having grown up with Playstation systems and games, he can’t imagine a world where people think gaming means anything other than Playstation. He became a game journalist and looks up to one day live up to the professional practices of IGN and Kotaku.

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  1. Y is always Sony? Cause they have posted a profit in 10 years that’s y. Sony is in a transition of turning things around Maybe and that’s a big MAYBE.

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