REVIEW: Disney’s Epic Mickey: Power of Two

As an honest Sheep, Disney’s Epic Mickey was definitely a disappointment. We were promised such a grand and phenomenal game by System Shock and Deus Ex creator Warren Spector, and instead got a cheap licensed shovelware cash-in that was arguably far from finished, and frustrating to play to say the least.

Far removed from the amazing beta concept art and the ridiculous hyperbole Warren Spector spewed out of his manly beard, Epic Mickey had ugly, linear, and bland game environments, instead of the sprawling breathtaking overworlds promised; a boring and throwaway story instead of a multiple choice branching narrative; and repetitive and dull gameplay instead of the varied and morality-based mechanics that he promised.

But one thing was for sure: many agreed that the game should have had a sequel to see the full potential of the game realized. But not like this.

Not like this.

Epic Mickey was supposed to be Nintendo EXCLUSIVE!!!

Why in the world did Disney decide to make the sequel multiplatform!?! This is a total violation of everything!!!!

How could they betray us? What did we ever do to them!?! This is totally and completely stupid decision on their part. It is completely nonsensical!

This is why I believe there is an anti-Nintendo bias in the gaming media. Nintendo decided to bring in new types of gamers into the game industry with the DS and Wii, and now the game industry is jealous and wants the company dead!

It’s true! Look it up! All throughout the previous generation, despite the Wii being the best-selling system and moving more software sales than the Playstation 3, third parties still refused to support the system for absolutely no apparent reason!

Various Wii games went on to be some of the best-selling videogames ever, and yet most third parties refused to release their big blockbuster games on the Wii because “they weren’t sure they would sell or not!”.


And don’t give me all this blubbering nonsense about “Nintendo having an outdated and unfair third-party game submission model” and “the Wii being too weak to run the games developers wanted to make”. That’s baloney!

There is a conspiracy against Nintendo, and I am on to it!

Disney’s Epic Mickey: The Power of Two is surefire proof it.

Coming for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii U, Wii, and PC on November 18th, Epic Mickey 2 continues the adventures of Mickey Mouse and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit as they try to save Wasteland from….earthquakes.

The villain of the first game, The Mad Doctor, returns claiming to be a good guy and goes to find a way to fix Wasteland, but Mickey and Oswald certainly don’t trust him and give chase.

Right from the start, you know this was supposed to be a Wii game. The visuals are exactly what you’d expect from a PS2 HD remake, and the game plays terribly bad with a dual analog controller, making aiming your brush a total chore. It is surefire proof of the Wii remote’s superiority among game controllers, especially for aiming.

The Playstation 3 version even begins by telling you that you should be using the Playstation Move controller, using the exact same opening warning screen that Wii games have, down to image placement.

Poor Sony, they just can’t stop admitting Nintendo’s brilliance.

Picture unrelated.

The game itself however still contains the same problems as the original. Sloppy platforming makes it impossible to perform jumps if the camera is behind Mickey, as the awkward FOV keeps the player from having a proper measure of how far away a platform is from where your character is standing.

Sloppy animations, disjointed cutscenes (going from extravagant CGI videos to cheap 2D animated ones to buggy in-game cutscenes), 3rd rate voice acting and dialogue, cheap and awkward menu systems, and as a whole a cheap imitation of what it wants to be; these things belong in Nintendo exclusive third-party games! Not a darn HD twins game! The standards are higher for those!

This is an utter wreckage of a game, and shows in clear view the anti-Nintendo bias of the game industry. The game itself is OK though.

About the author: The Sheep is a die-hard Nintendo fanboy. Having grown up with Nintendo games, he can’t imagine how anyone can not like Mario and the classic Nintendo franchises. He owns a full collection of Nintendo plushies which he poses accordingly.

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