REPORT: Wii U BC The Most Ghetto BC Ever

There’s a Wii in my Wii U!


The Wii U offers the remarkable ability to be 100% backwards compatible with every Wii game in existence, a rarity among current-gen consoles. But how does it do it?

Well, by having an entire Wii inside it, of course!

In the Wii U’s channel select menu, there is a channel called the “Wii Channel” (seen at the top right corner), which by pressing it boots up an entire replica of the Wii on your Wii U.

And by replica, I mean that the Wii U becomes an actual Wii.

That means all Wii U Gamepad functionality is turned off, everything now runs at only 480p, all software has to be downloaded from the Wii Shop Channel (not the Wii U eShop), and just like it was in the original Wii; WiiConnect24 is now completely useless.

All Wii games, channels, and VC games can only be accessed by being in the Wii Channel; they will not appear on the normal Wii U OS.


This game will look exactly the same on the Wii U

Talk about being 100% backwards compatible….or just being 100% backwards in general….

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