System Wars Awards 2012

You won the “Tom McShea” Award for finest community reviewer and, most importantly, you won “Biggest Xbox 360 aficionado”. How do you feel?

Well, first, I’d like to thank everyone who voted for me in every category. I appreciate it.

Being voted the finest community reviewer is an honor as I take pride in the things I write for my website(s) and to know that folks are out there reading them and appreciating them enough to think they’re at the top of the heap means a lot. I hope I’ll be able to keep churning out great reviews in 2013 and beyond.

Being voted biggest lemming? A couple of years ago, back when I flew the “I own all systems so I must be unbiased!” flag, I probably would’ve been a bit miffed at winning this award. But I’ve since stopped caring about my forum perception, at least to the point of acting like I’m unbiased. I have (and have had) a preference toward the 360 for years around these parts and most of my posts seem to revolve around the 360 in some form or another so I’m hardly surprised and I accept my title with grace and honor.

Even though it’s definitely a bunch of crap and I play on my PC more anyways.

So you admit you are biased! And you dare be a professional games journalist. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. What next, you’re going to work for IGN and Kotaku? You’re better than that.

Was that a question?

I’m…am I supposed to answer?

If so, well, my response is that I’m not biased, I’m just not “unbiased”. No one is. It’s not humanly possible. But I will say that, while I’m partial to the 360, I try to remain as objective as possible in my reviews and try not to let my subjectivity influence my reviews.

Besides, I’m not gunning to be a professional games journalist. I mean, I wouldn’t turn down the opportunity should it present itself because I still like writing about games from time to time but my true passions lie elsewhere.

What are your true passions?

Creative writing, poetry and music.

System Wars makes good use of those skills and passions, doesn’t it? Does your preference for the 360 and/or it’s games have to do with those passions?

Nah. The first system I got the gen before last was an Xbox and I liked it quite a bit, so that carried over into this generation. It was the first current gen console I got and it ended up being my favorite of the three. Who’d have thought?

So will the next Xbox be your console of choice?

We’ll see.

Honestly though, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo are going to have to make a strong case at this point for me to even get a next gen console as I’ve been very, very happy with my PC.

Looks like we may have a future Hermit with us! We will be paying close attention to you this year, Game; you will be our barometer. Thank you for the interview, and good luck in your adventures!