LEMMING: Nintendo Direct’s are killing the Gaming Press

Once again, Nintendo hosted a Nintendo Direct, their new propaganda tool that brings their latest apologies to their blind Sheep. And once again, Nintendo circumvented the long established hierarchy of game information and putting us gaming press into irrelevancy by having it as a video webcast directly from them instead of doing it through us.

This is traitorous! From the very beginnings of game journalism, we have had a set order of how gaming news was sent to the gaming masses:

    1. Game publisher makes a press release

    2. Game journalists write that press release in their own words

    3. People read what the game journalist wrote.

But now, Nintendo is doing it all by themselves, and giving their fans their press release straight to their fans through their video webcast! They have no reason to go to our gaming journalism websites now.

And why would they? Seeing Iwata in a Luigi hat, having Miyamoto talk about his game himself, and announcing a bunch of new games thereafter? No one will want to see a neckbearded nerd talk about games now.

We can’t compete with middle-aged Japanese game developers, it’s tearing us apart!

Just look at the poor journalistic webzone Giantbomb: Patrick Klepek fell into a pothole while riding his bicycle, and is now in bed! Will Smith has to take surgery for an appendectomy, and may have to pay upwards of $30,000 in hospital bills! And their website has suddenly gotten uglier!

All of this happening on the same week as a new Nintendo Direct was announced, and people think that’s just a coincidence?

The start of Nintendo making Nintendo Directs has also coincided with other websites losing viewers, like Gametrailers and Gamespot!

Source: Alexa.com

Source: Alexa.com

Nintendo doing their own video webcast has devastated Gametrailers in the competition, making them lose a ton of viewers over the past year; and Gamespot has been gradually losing readers as well. Nintendo is not only killing the game industry with it’s products, it’s also killing the game websites!

And of course, now Sony wants to do their own events too! What is this about? The PS4? A new Vita model? An announcement saying that they will be exiting the game industry?

I don’t know, because they haven’t told us anything!!!

How am I supposed to spread the gospel of the Xbox and denounce Sony and Nintendo as inferior when Sony and Nintendo gamers don’t even need to go to gaming websites? It’s even harder now that rumors for the next Xbox are making every one mad, with rumors saying that it has to always be online and you can’t play used games.

If Microsoft had done their own video webcast, they wouldn’t have had such bad press. But if they did that, people won’t read game websites saying how terrible the next Xbox is going to be! This is so confusing, how am I supposed to earn Microsoft’s pay check now?

About the author: The Lemming is a die-hard follower of the Xbox. He started gaming with the original Xbox, and considers anything that isn’t M-rated and/or a sim racer to be games for children. Although Microsoft has since abandoned him as a target audience with the Xbox 360 and Kinect, he still feels satisfied playing his Halo rehashes and the various multiplats that he could get anywhere else.

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  1. Yeah maybe because the gaming community always seem to have Nintendo tied to a stake ready to burn it to the ground. No offense but I’m happy they have dire ts and I feel the others should to.

  2. and nintendo has been have nintendo directs for how long now? and havent they always show cased their own games? journalist need to be digging for third party games that people want to know more about because nintendo has always been pretty tight mouthed about their own games. do ur job and stop complaining.

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