Sony unveiled their next-generation Playstation, and now that the ruckus from the conference has died down, it’s time to see where we stand with the Playstation 4. How is it looking right now?


I was impressed with the showing, and excited for what is still to come. Whether it’s “Day fvcking one, strap one on, mother fvcking thrill ride” still heavily depends on launch day games. If everything good is in launch window, I’ll buy one after the window closes.

I think the cross-play/buy could be a big boon for the PS4 and Vita both, and I would love to see it working well too. Maybe give the 3G vita a point? A man can dream.

Sony really seems to have learned from previous mistakes at first, but they they always bungle somewhere later. The PS3 only became great in the last 4 years or so, the PSP suffered from control limitations. Vita has control options up the wazoo, but that isn’t really helping it due to other stupid moves. PS3 was hard to develop for, and the PS4 is going to be…I guess time will tell there.


I think Sony is using very smart and logical steps to create a system that is better than the PS3, but I have yet to find a reason as to why it would be a great purchase. “It does everything better than the PS3” is a great pitch for a competing system, but I would expect something more from a next-gen successor.

My favorite part, however, is the ability to stream and record your own gameplay footage; I think that will do a lot in convincing costumers to get the PS4 versions of games instead of for the other consoles.

As for games, the current lineup is rather bland, but developers are loving the PS4 hardware so far, at least the part with the 8 GB GDDR5. Suda51 is notably excited about it, and Avalanche Studios is pretty much doing Sony’s marketing for them.

Then again, the Wii U also got a lot of development support and praise before launch; which obviously never ended up with actual games on the shelves.


To be completely honest, I’m not impressed.

Better graphics? DS4? Sure, they had to upgrade it… New gen means more powerful consoles and the DS4’s share button and touchpad? Nothing new.

So, I think SONY should show me a little more in order to convince me into to buying one. And with all that I’d like to see a price-tag. What I do like is that it’ll be easier to develop on the PS4 than on PS3. That’s my take on it.


Not impressed. Not really interested in spending my money on consoles anymore to be honest. I suppose the social features could be nice for those looking for that sort of experience, but still that’s not enough to entice me to spend money on it.


I think the PS4 has the possibility to launch out the gate running if they happen to get the PS4 Cross-play right. It takes the whole gamepad notion that Wii-U has and ramps it up a notch.

But it’s really going to come down to how well they can handle their online services. If they can offer a much better service to go up head to head with Live and offer the key components (Playing online) for free, they can mop the floor with Microsoft if they get their act together. We really don’t know enough to make any solid predictions but considering how bad they launched last gen they have tightened everything up a lot.

Making the system easier to dev for, releasing a powerful machine, bringing out the indy devs, Cross play, it’s all coming out on top for them so far. It’s up to Microsoft to try and top them but I don’t think they have anything to really put up against Sony this time around, only time will tell.