ARTICLE: I’m not a Cow, Lemming, or Goat. I’m a Gamer.

Written by RealKilla_789

Microsoft Studio's creative director Adam Orth expresses his lack of concern over "Always-Online" functionality

Microsoft Studio’s creative director Adam Orth expresses his lack of concern over “Always-Online” functionality

The whole gaming community has been been in uproar ever since the comments since that one guy from Microsoft about the next Xbox, saying that he doesn’t understand why people are going crazy over the “always-online” rumors. I for one don’t understand either. I’m willing to bet that most gamers that read his comments are connected to the internet all the time. Why does it matter whether it requires you to be online if you’re already online 99.9% of the time?

But nooo. Gamers can’t risk that 99.9% chance. “Well what about that .01% chance that my power goes out. I won’t be able to play my games!” Really? You can’t survive without games for a couple of hours (or however long your power will be out. And in most cases, not long).

“I’ll lose 5 minutes of gameplay because I didn’t get to save in time before the power went out.” Come on really? Most games these days are pretty good about their checkpoints. You’re really not considering getting a console just because you’ll lose some of your save information? Get a life!

Reading the System Wars forum for the past few days, I could go on and on about useless complaints and cries from the vocal minority. I really just wanted to say two things:

1. You don’t know jack about the Xbox 720

It’s the truth. None of us really know any thing about the Xbox 720, so why are people getting so irate over a product they don’t know any thing about? Every thing we’re seeing right now are RUMORS. Nothing is official and the console isn’t official yet. It makes no point to complain because most of your complaints may be resolved already. Look, Microsoft is a very smart hardware company. Yes, I believe that their next Xbox will be online-only, but I also believe they’ll have something that will make you forget that it is.

2. I’m not a Cow, Lemming, or a Goat. I’m a Gamer

At the end of the day, I pledge no allegiance to any one console. I’m a gamer first and foremost. I’m not jumping on your bandwagons and wishing the death of Microsoft. I’m going to sit back and see what both companies (Sorry Wii U fans, this is a two-man race) have to offer. If Microsoft can give me an excellent gaming experience plus give me an excellent multimedia experience, I’m sold. If not, Sony is where I’ll go.

2 responses to “ARTICLE: I’m not a Cow, Lemming, or Goat. I’m a Gamer.

  1. You are a lemming poster with a 360, a PC, and a maybe a Wii. You mostly post about 360 and play mostly 360 games. You can say you are unbiasedly defending the upcoming 720, but the reality is it’s just another lemming mad at sheep, hermits, cows, and even other lemmings mad at 720 rumors. they are rumors and they are silly, but you charade isn’t fulling anyone. You can call yourself a whatever you want, but you don’t own all the machines and are not playing all the high quality games to earn that “I’m unbiased” title fairly.

    • I play games for the best gaming experience. When I bought my 360, it was the best gaming experience at the time. I then had a Wii at one time. Had some great experiences there. I now mostly play games on my PC. I am going to buy the next console based on which one I think has the greatest gaming experience. That is the point of my blog.

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