Who are you, Sniper?

I keep my identity secret as much as I can (such as real name and location). To start with I’m above 20 below 25 year old PC gamer. I have been playing games since 90’s and start with PC. I never got into console gaming. I enjoy almost every type of games but FPS most.

How did you end up in Gamespot?

I was browsing here, then started lurking in the forums, then finally joined in 2010. But I was not active user. I become active in 2012 and within 1 year I become very famous here.

What will it take for you to get into console gaming?

Nothing really. I don’t think I will get into console gaming anytime. These games just don’t appeal me. Let’s face it PC has better exclusives, better multiplatforms, I prefer KB/M over controllers, and console exclusives…. they just don’t interest me.

pc does everything

Are you sure console games will ever interest you? I’m sure there must have been a game or two that you wanted.

No. I don’t think there will be and in near future most of console games are basically cinematic Action Game with QTEs (worst mechanic ever).

How much did your rig cost you?

Above 800$ if I convert to my country’s currency…

What is the most expensive thing on your Steam inventory?

Have not notice.

You said you are pro-censorship. What does that mean?

Well I’m pro censorship because I support censorship. I believe freedom of speech should be in limits. If it spread false propaganda, lies and spread disinformation of any particular country, race, religion than I think it should be banned.

What if they aren’t lies or disinformation? If it’s true, but it would make someone look bad, should it still be censored?

If they have proof than it may not. My culture is portrayed very negatively in western media, and its 100% lies and spread disinformation.

Ever used a controller for PC gaming? I do.

Yes, but I don’t like it. I mostly play FPS and a controller is not a way to play FPS.

What is the best indie game you have come across?

Not really a fan of Indie games. Amnesia, I guess.

What is a game that you have played that you don’t think many have, and would like more people to play?

stalker soc

Well its STALKER franchise. There’s lot of people who never played them and I recommend this series to everyone. Its unique, innovative, and was something refreshing when it was released back in 2007. It was overshadow by Bioshock, COD4 and Halo 3.

But I always prefer Stalker Soc over these games, and in 2010 Stalker Cop was my GOTY but it was again overshadow by Halo Reach and COD Black Ops.

What are your favorite FPS games?

Its between Stalker, Deus Ex and Half-Life 2.

Stalker I already explained as above.

Deus Ex (original) was one hell of game that combined both the FPS and RPG genres with most amazing storyline ever, and I like this type of storyline the best: conspiracy stories.

I love how at first UNATCO was Anti-terrorist group fighting with NSF, a terrorist group, but then it turn out NSF are basically freedom fighters and UNATCO are the terrorists so JC Denton fights against them and the whole story gets a great turn. I really enjoyed it, it shows reality.

In reality Illuminati are evilly controlling all over the world from Hollywood to politics. There is one eye sign I see every where, their agenda is NWO (New World Order) and they want one world government. 9/11 was inside job. Most of terrorist organizations are freedom fighters but labeled as terrorist in Western media, and on and on.

Another is Half-Life 2, and well since its Half-Life, I don’t think I need to explain why….

What will it take for PC to destroy consoles this next generation?

Games, Graphics, Exclusives and Multiplatform titles, and Next-Gen to me looks very uninspired. Xbox One will have DRM, always online, no used games; plus it’s exclusives do not interest me.

PS4 doesn’t look any better, so its not hard for PC to destroy console next generation.

Any last words for System Wars?

System Wars is an entertaining place. I enjoy being here, trolling here, making threads, etc.

There is no forum like System Wars who allow to criticize any game or troll just about anything. Of course the place is full of idiots and stupid people but there’s quality and logical posters too. I become popular in just one year and won the award last year too, and this year most likely I will become Hermit King.

And then finally I will become System Wars King. I’m a future SW King.

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