REPORT: Gamespot reviewer gives GTA V a generous score, readers want her fired


Overly hyped murder simulator GTA V has finally released, and Gamespot gave it an extremely high score of 9.0 when the review embargo lifted on September 16th.

However, as soon as readers found out she mentioned her personal opinions of the game on her review of the game, they instantly got angry and demanded her firing.

“Politically muddled and profoundly misogynistic” “Perhaps you dive right into the game’s story problems, or its serious issues with women.”

– Carolyn Petit

carolyn petit

Sure, it’s her job to review games and tell us her opinions about them, but mentioning that it has issues with women?!

Obviously that is reason to fire her, is it not? Apparently the rabid crowds feel that way, with a petition already created.

Update: It was taken down.

anti carolyn comment

So should she be fired?

Of course not.

She reviewed the game, if she felt the game had content she didn’t like, she should mention it on her review. That’s kinda part of her job.

This isn’t the first time it has happened on Gamespot; Jeff Gerstmann received death threats after giving Zelda: Twilight Princess an 8.8.

Children who are offended by personal opinions shouldn’t be buying a game like GTA V anyway. Then again, that isn’t going to stop them.

But of course, not all Gamespot readers are evil children; there are still good people among the GS community:

sorry carolyn

Certainly we should all feel the same way.

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121 responses to “REPORT: Gamespot reviewer gives GTA V a generous score, readers want her fired

  1. This petition is sooooo fucking dumb.
    people who get mad when someone gives their opinion on a game should get their balls cut off,shoved down their throats and then be hanged for stupidity

  2. GTA V is the worst game ever made. My Little Pony is the best game ever made. I await your reply

  3. This is my issue with carolyn, The problem is video games are mostly for kids, IT reviwing a game like Lugiie mansion which is like a game that most kids play (under 18 years old) have to actually see a tranny review the game. If i had kids i would not want my young ones exposed to this, once they grow old and learn more about life is fine but for anyone thats under 18 watching a tranny review a underage game is completey wrong and this is why im boycutting gamespot.

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  5. Who gives a shit. It’s a review, not a fact. You are all fighting to defend or offend stuff that will never change. If it bothers you so much get off your ass and go out into the real world and contribute to the people trying to change things, instead of acting tough and analytical behind a screen.

    The whole reality that you all are having this debate is laughable. To know and realize just how immature we are as a human race. You all demonstrate how weak yet bull-headed we are and how we are always ready to jump on the nearest opinionated person at the drop of a hat.

    Go outside, throw a few curve balls, get laid. Stop worrying about a fantasy world and get back to the real world doing what you normally do. It isn’t rocket science people, it isn’t hard to say “Oh, well that is there opinion. Aw well.” and get on with your happy life.

    The whole idea that she should be fired, just blows my mind. It isn’t your job to decide and push her getting fired, it is HER BOSS’ decision. If something like this is making you all lose your shit, something as miniscule as this, then why aren’t you petitioning Reggie or Iwata get fired too? I’m not saying they aren’t doing their jobs, they just aren’t good leadership for what Nintendo needs to be to remain in this current generation of gaming. Where is the petition to fire them for their laughable opinions or decisions on things like, preparation for the Wii-U or the downgrade known as the 3ds?

    Basically, just shut the fuck up and enjoy your game. If it bothers you this much, then you shouldn’t be playing games. GTA isn’t even that good a series anymore because so many other games emulate it which leaves R* producing more of the same. Hell, how about you commentators go write a review and send it in to IGN or Gamespot. Think you can do better? THEN DO IT AND QUIT YOUR BITCHING. Jesus, adults are supposed to act like adults (what I’m ASSUMING you guys & gals are), NOT CHILDREN.

    Say all the shit you want to/about me, let us see if I care. At the end of the day I lay down and sleep like a baby regardless of how butt-hurt or upset you neanderthals get over the tiniest things.

    Nighty night children. Remember, if you believe hard enough, puberty and maturity may one day come to you. :)

  6. Why should she be fired she is correct because every women in GTA 5 is a prostitute a crazy person or a player you choose to make in GTA online.

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  8. So, because it wants to champion on women it gives a bullshit statement about the game by misogynistic? WTF?

    Trevor is a raging racist red-neck from Canada…so where’s the hate for that? Franklin is a black junkie ghetto rat from the “hood”…so where’s the hate for that?

    What about Michael’s wife? She’s a terrible, terrible person in her own right. Damn right there should be distaste for her.

    Michael is a horrible father slowly descending back into a mental breakdown.

    Everyone is damn correct in being upset with it for spouting those perceived issues. They have no place in the game itself as a PROFESSIONAL review.

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  10. Its funny Louise how you only see one side of the coin, you only see the part that offends you. Yet somehow you don’t care that men in that game are portrayed as psychotic violent psychopaths. Which is untrue for the most part.

    Oh, the hypocrisy. Such a wonderful thing to marvel at.

  11. The thing about Carolyn is that, she should NEVER be allowed to review any high profile games. She always pulls the feminism card and gives the most bullshit points as to why you degrade a point from a game.

    Also, to alot of the people white knighting here. You guys are extremely stupid, the woman (Carolyn) should’ve been fired a long time ago for her extremely annoying and stupid reviews. The only reason she isn’t fired is because she can pull the sexism card if her employers want her to be fired, even though she isn’t technically female.

    I mean, I don’t even care if it was another reviewer that reviewed that game and gave it a, oh i don’t know, maybe a 8? But to deduct points from the game because of “I was offend, so i negertive point” is stupid. Especially when people expect you to act professionally.

    Another thing I’d like to point out is that judging from the majority of comments here, I can safely assume that none of you have met a Feminazi in real life. I can assure you, it’s not fun and I’d sooner give an eyeball than have another one of those shits lecture me about how only women should be allowed to grow long hair.

    • Nice comment, couldn’t think of a better insult so you pulled a 9 word sentence out of your ass? Try harder next time.

    • When she was reviewing it from a biased point of view, she forgot about the other issues…What about race and the portrayal of the “rednecks”? But yeah, the whole sexism thing with gta is stupid. And if not fired, she should never review again.

    • Somebody’s opinion will still just be somebody’s opinion. A game experience will always be subjective to some degree. And let’s look at the rest of the points. Isn’t most of the review balanced out objectively? Didn’t she look at the pretty colors and said ‘the colors are pretty’ rather than ‘they are not female colors’? Sure it’s a bit lazy that she didn’t consistently nitpick throughout the entire review, but that’s up to her. The subjective nature of a review is why people look at reviewers that have an opinion close to their own, why are you even wasting your energy at taking offense. This isn’t the age of dry magazine reviews anymore either as we have an army of capable reviewers in many different flavors to look at.

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  14. … people not understand what a review is….?
    when someone is hired to give a review on something there JOB is to give there opinion on pretty much every aspect of the game, what they like about it, what they dont like, and the reasons why they like/dont like them.

    reviews arent meant to be “Oh i give this game a 9/10 or 10/10 go buy it

    there spose to be in depth and detailed about why they do or dont recommenced others to play it (9/10 still be recommended)

    people shouldent get butt hurt over a review, besides, its not like she forced anyone to read it, everyone has there own opinions, you dont like her review? dont bash her, go make your own damn review,

    though anyone who is bitching about her only giving it a 9 for whatever reason would not give specific or exact reasons as to why the game is great, or say everything about it is, with no issues, thing is people, theres no such thing as “perfect” and trying to make something seem like it, is crap,

    and anyone who makes death threats and/or say a person should be fired from doing exactly what there job is to do, probably shouldent be playing games yet, and grow up first.

    • She should be fired. Not because of this review, but because of her long standing reputation as having the most insanely stupid reasons to deduct points from games. And also her annoying general writing which consists of whining about how a game is patriarchal and hates women.

    • well…if that happens to be true, which all GTA games are~ then she has a right as a reviewer to criticize it, no? and it’s not like GTA’s entire premise would change if they changed or lightened that either also any game reviewer is gona have atleast 1 thing that urks them and no matter what it will upset them regardless of what game it is in just because people like beating/misstreatment of woman in there games doesent mean all reviewers have to agree with it, atleast she isnt doing something extreme, like you know, having the GTA series petitioned against because of the violance against woman, everyone is entitled to there own opinions based on what they do and dont like, and so what if she made a few comments about it, theres other people in the world who handle things alot worse, you know, with death threats, or *cough* wanting someone fired or other forms of threats shes not out publicly bashing them just kept it to her review and still with that 1 flaw in her eye, she gave it an amazing score

    • Like i said in my previous posts, i don’t care about the score. Hell Gta 5 could get 6/10 and i wouldn’t care. But EVERY time i see one of Carolyn’s reviews i just pop a vein. The person seriously has a penchant with pissing people of with the way she writes.

    • Oh, and you don’t frequent GS do you? Everyone hates her. Read one of her articles and you’ll know. It’s full of bigotry and prejudice.

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  16. Oh my god it is not because she is “ugly” she would still probably have the same opinion if she was the most attractive person in the world. It’s not that no one wants to say that. The game also includes angry house wifes. Not all house wifes are angry or how they have been displayed in this game. I hope GTA5 are seriously apologetic to us women.

  17. Some of these comments make me so angry and feel sick. The game is extremely sexist end of. Just because she said that the game has issues with women (which it does) is not a reason to call her a “slut”, “bitch”, “whore” etc. This is just another example of sexism in this society. Being sexist to a women for complaining about sexism is not right. Of course this game is “good” but it wouldn’t have hurt to not include everything against sexism. It is disgusting and I hope that our society does not carry on like this. Emily Davidson did not kill herself for no reason. I want women rights back again.

    • And yet you speak of hypocrisy again. You want WOMEN rights, why not just have HUMAN rights so that it applies to all. Instead you continually further an agenda that only serves to elevate your own gender.

      Oh, and you have been blinded by the media. Women have more rights now than men and they even have the upper hand in any court proceedings. Yet you continually think that your gender is the one being oppressed? Typical…

  18. You don’t get it, author. We are TIRED of false victimhood philosophy insinuating itself into game reviews, because it has NO BEARING ON GAMEPLAY, and because media has power and we don’t want that power being used for false victimhood propaganda…a toxic form..This video game is a fantasy where both men and women are subject to unspeakable horrors, so of course there is misogyny. It should not be a point of discussion in a review, any more than Judas Priest should have gone to prison for “Stained Class”.

  19. wow Unooz you are one seriously weak douche bag. Why not post your email for me and we’ll see how good your m16 does. I dare you.

  20. So how about that Saints Row 4? Good game, is it not? I thought I I’d change the subject. This topic might be more interesting. Most of the comments are people with nothing better to do than to post the same regurgitated shit. I mean really? Are you people that worried about a negative review? Did someone not think for you? God damn it all! You just might have form an independent thought and come up with your own opinion. Fucking sheepeople !

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  24. It’s that time again ladies and gentleman. A GTA game is on the way, we know this cause those gamers that are dumber then a lampshade on a flashlight are on the prowl. 1 person gives a opinion of a gta game
    and the fan-people decide that she should be boiled in hot gravy. Good lord get a life you self-serving assclowns, she has every right to like or dislike a game. Why don’t you GTA fan-people crawl back to your dark corner’s ad run more fake people over with sorts cars you’ll never see in your lives, leave the chats to people that care about an honest opinion. thanks and have a good evening :)

  25. You’re a pathetic sack of shit for saying what you did. Getting this angry over someone’s opinion of a fucking video game is childish.

  26. Give you enough rope, and you’re more than eager to hang yourself.
    One day, if you’re a decent human being, you’ll look back on what you’ve said and cringe

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  28. It’s an OPINION and that’s all it is. I have tried every GTA game and I don’t like any of them but that’s just me. This lady likes the games but is a little touchy about sexism…….so what. Her opinion isn’t going to stop any GTA fan from buying it. Geesh, leave the poor girl alone.

    • your right…. its just a dumb opinion. im not one of those pathetic gta fanboys, and i dont even have the game right now. even if i think she has dumb negatives in every review ive seen. whatever, i dont care about any review, because they all are opinions. they never do anybody good. its not a big deal your right, the reason i came here was a link from rich of review tech usas videos because i couldnt believe backlash from a 9!! thats a great score!!!! then they started a petition!!!! that is even more sad. its just a review. people are getting the wrong idea from me, i just think every review of her is stupid, not because this game got a 9, more scores should give it 9s and not just review it with the hype and give it a 10 no matter what. look at gta 4 most people think its the most overrated game of all time and it sucked more than the 3rd.

  29. Some pretty angry typing there, so evidently not phased at all…
    I see you don’t deny the liking children or virgin bit (Arf arf); yet still insist on vile insults of the reviewer you’re not even slightly arsed about.
    How very revealing…

    • people like you are sick in the head hahahah, this dude likes tranvestites, was your father one too, its ok man, im pretty sure your the old and the virgin. do i have gta 5 right now… no, i dont care about this score, i dont care if this game gets a 6/10. she is just reviews games and docks for dumb reasons, i dont care much for video games i have more of a life than them. usually only play 4 hours a week, while you play 7 hours a day, loser.

  30. You don’t care about reviews, but bang on in detail about how she’s offended you, whilst spouting vile personal insults. You’re a 35 year old virgin who likes children.
    Not nice is it?

    • 35 virgin hahahah keep up with the insults man. he makes dumb docks of games, for personal taste, thats like me docking halo because i hate aliens. yeah im not like these losers who made this petition and could care less for a score, especially a 9. hes also disgusting, this has nothing to do with any of the reviews. fucked up. im not going to keep saying that though because ive already said it. how has she offended me?? its just a fucking game, the review that gave gta a 70 was a better review than his, thats how much a give a damn about gtas score. damn bayonetta 2, that game is going to suck because she has short hair now, example of how he would review a game. 8 out of 10, but would give it a 9 if she didint have short hair.

    • im just going to drop it. the last thing i want to sound like is one of these pathetic gta fanboys.

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  32. I think it’s funny that the author of this article is essentially saying “Grow up” while defending someone who was immature enough to put in an uncalled for opinion in a so called “Professional” review piece. The petition to get her fired was too much yes, but she should have realized that GTA has, and always been Satire. Even if there IS misogyny in the game, it in no way reflects the opinions of Rockstar in general, nor should they have to worry about people’s personal feelings. The author of this article is just as bad as the people who made the petition. It boils down to “YOU CAN SAY WHATEVER YOU WANT AS LONG AS IT DOESN’T OFFEND ME!” which is fucking ridiculous on the internet.

  33. Obviously your a very young boy because only a very immature little boy could spew such bile towards another human being. Just because you don’t like her opinion and thousands of all you other little boys agree with you doesn’t mean you should maliciously attack her. Grow up and keep your soother in your mouth instead of throwing it around in fits of rage.

    • im not saying this review im general, im saying the way she reviews games. 9 is a great score, thats not my point and also i could care less about reviews, i dont even check these websites hardly.

  34. I feel really sorry for carolyn.I hope she is doing well. I’m disgusted by some of the reactions to her review of GTA5.

  35. Lol, the right to criticism isn’t restricted to gender depending on the issue, that’s inherently sexist.

    • you know what makes me sick…… people like her or should i say him. gamers…. yeah thats probably all you are.

  36. Most of the people in the comments are pathetic. You’re wanting someone to be fired because she gave a game a score lower than what you wanted her (yes, HER) to. I don’t know what kind of sick little minds you people have, but just because someone used to be a man at one point does not give you the right to ridicule them and spit nasty insults at them. I mean, the fact you people are acting like children over this is absolutely pathetic, and it makes me wish I didn’t have to associate myself with you lot. Thanks for dragging the human race down a few hundred million pegs.

  37. I think the “guy-with-the-contacts” needs a thick-fucking-pair-of-glasses. Or maybe he just loves the chicks-with-the-dicks :/

  38. Oh noes its Anita Sharkizien all over again.

    Its not about giving the game a 9.0 or about reviewing it like it tries to devalue woman.

    That specific reviewer has been an annoying thorn on gamespot.

    To watch, to hear, to read the reviews, to facepalm at the score.

    If gamespoters cant fire her, then they should just leave the site. I am serious why support a site that has turned into shit.

    • I give it a 3/10 for it horrible portrayal of men as psychotic criminals. The entire premise of the game is high misandrous, and Rockstar should feel ashamed for ever having made it and it’s predecessors.
      Especially San Andreas where they make a joke out of male rape victims.

  39. Thank you people in the comments for living up to the stereotype that gamers are idiotic bastards. Its clear that there really are gamers that are indeed idiots. Your parents should be so proud that their children, who probably are under the age of 10, want someone be fired simply because they didnt like what this person said about a video game. that this person didnt make a review that was perfect. that they put their personal views in it. and to top it off, they defend the reasons why they want the person to be fired.

    what proud parents little brats must have. Little does mommy and daddy know that their child is a total asshole on the internet. but thats just the internet, right…its not real life. no, so lets just be the biggest assholes we can be because…well, nobody knows who you really are. right? *wink*

    but seriously, what the fuck. you people are idiots. good day

  40. So this dude has his cock chopped off and then wants everybody to call him a woman… I think he is the misogynist with problems with women.

    • Why are you calling yourself a mysogynist, dude, you should be proud to be a trans-gendered woman! :D Also I believe you need to not talk in 3rd person… it does get a bit confusing when you don’t use proper grammar.

  41. thank you, thanks for giving more fuel to the stereotype that all gamers are idiotic losers with no life or knowledge of the real world. I say people like you need to have your game consoles taken away until you can grow up.

  42. God damn, these fucking people make me fucking sick. I hope you ALL die. Fucking pieces of shit. She gave the fucking game. a game that probably SUCKS, a 9/10. Fuck. Off.



    • because they dont have any confidence to stand on so it feels good to follow other idiots because idiots dont recognize other idiots.

      They are extremely self conscious with no face and a keyboard. Bet you all my bank money, if you go up to just one of these idiots and ask their opinion on this thell need their mommys help to speak up.

  43. Anonymity + audience = assholes. I love the internet and I love games, but my god some of these people make me sigh.

  44. if i was a woman and that ugly id be a feminist also. on a side note is it actually a woman or is this a joke. ??? from my opinion like his or hers in the review it is a man in drag, maybe one of those guys born in a womans body thing except this was a woman in a mans body.

  45. You are dead wrong that she should have mentioned this. It was totally inappropriate to push political views in a game review.

  46. All of my support goes to Carolyn Petit who did HER job (Who are you to think you can tell her who she is ?)
    She gave a wonderful, objective review of what GTAV is WITHOUT BIAS FROM WHAT TODAY’S SOCIETY IS.
    She gave a review based on great personal values that she defends with all her strenght, and she still holds strong through literally thousands of negative comments.
    Those kids don’t have to read her reviews if they find them biased.
    Anyways, I’m sure if we poked hard enough at those kids, we could find a base to judge them upon if we wanted to. At least Carolyn isn’t scared of being judged and doesn’t sheep up on all the hype.

    • YEAH it is a review.


      You can’t review a game based on your views of society. And BTW this game reflects society anyway. Saying what she said just means she denies all that happens on a daily basis.

      She should be fired because I don’t want to read a review that is affected by someone’s view of society. EX: the person does not like gay couples so gives lower score to ME or something. That person should not be allowed to review for a big source like GameSpot. It is also unfair for the developer in question to have a biased person judge and rate their game.

      All in all when I read a review I want a neutral opinion. IF the reviewer has disdain for certain subjects, just don’t review that game. Go review the next Dora or something. You know what I mean. This is a mature game based on society. For sure it’s going to be messed up.

      Or at least state your opinion but leave it as a side dish. Like: Part of this game was not for me blah blah. Don’t let your own personal tastes impact the review.

      Gaming industry is being treated like a joke. People keep trying to force their opinions on other. Saying the game is this or that IS trying to force your opinion on us.

    • Victor… she didn’t ONLY criticize that, and yet it’s all you’re spouting about. “Their dialogue is sharp and snappy and it’s usually a joy to watch them interacting with each other, but unfortunately, the characters sometimes behave in ways that don’t feel consistent. For instance, Franklin takes the moral high ground in an argument with a paparazzo, then casts his reservations aside to help him take degrading photos of a female celebrity. And when Trevor shows up in Michael’s life after an extended absence, the speed with which the two start working together again is at odds with their deep-seated reservations about each other.” or “These moments of hypocrisy and inconsistency diminish the otherwise strong characters; it feels like they are leaping into situations not because it’s what they would actually want to do, but because the mission design demands that they must.”

      Those sound like story complaints, which are a part of a game. Thus being valid. You take a small segment of the review and bloat it. Acting like that’s the only reason it got a 9/10. Please, grow up.

    • I agree that reviewers should write what they think and feel about the games they review. For that matter, the gender, age, political views, etc. of the reviewer are largely irrelevant. What matters is the opinion and what expectations we can glean from it, not the personal details of the person giving it. That said…

      “Those sound like story complaints, which are a part of a game. Thus being valid.”

      Rating games based on their stories is part of a downward spiral in games that started early in the PlayStation era. That era, still essentially in effect, represents resign and review philosophies that more and more people–“hardcore” gamers and casual players alike–are retreating from. It always surprises me when someone ten years younger than me says they wish they had grown up in the Atari or NES era, but it happens with increasing frequency. Their preferred games range from Asteroids, to Mega Man, to old school Zelda, but they all had one thing in common. Simplicity? No, some of these old games had plenty of depth and complexity, while others didn’t. But they all put their focus on the game mechanics where it belonged, not on story. Story was a bonus incentive, if present at all.

      If GTA V places its mission structure–an integral part of the play mechanics–above character development, then it is doing something right. That’s a plus, not a minus. Judging a game by its story is about as misguided as judging a reviewer by her genitals or her politics (although not nearly as vile.)

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