LAST TIME ON SYSTEM WARS: 9/17/13 – GTA V Launch, Wonderful 101, Ryse is 900p

Last Time on System Wars

gta v art

Quite possibly one of the biggest, if not the biggest, game release of the year; Grand Theft Auto V came out today to rabid fans everywhere.

With amazing graphics, large amounts of content, and the freedom to do just about everything, it certainly will give many their money’s worth of playtime.

Screen taken by System Wars's own mitu123!

Screen taken by System Wars’s own mitu123!

Most of the talk on System Wars was about the version differences between GTA V on PS3 and Xbox 360.

Members gave mixed reports; probably seeing only what they wanted to see; but it seems that those who installed the play disc on the Xbox 360 will be greeted by this gorgeous example of a videogame:

gta v 360

Today also came out Wonderful 101 in the US, which for the GTA V-starved Sheep, was a godsend.

A new Nintendo IP from Platinum Games for the Wii U……this game already bombed, didn’t it?

Today also came the news that Xbox One launch title Ryse: Son of Rome will be running in 900p; a screen resolution with only 50% more pixels than that of 720p, the standard of current-gen consoles.

ryse 900p

This combined with the poor visuals and poor opinion of the game, it is bound to be yet another blight on the upcoming Xbox One launch, already looking to be outsold by the PS4 based on pre-orders.

The war continues on!