REPORT: Former SW King jg4xchamp and Heil68 post too much!

champ and heil race

Former System Wars King jg4xchamp and Pedal to the Metal co-host Heil68 have been getting very close together in terms of post counts lately.

Before the site redesign hit, Big Fat Cow Heil was still over 600 posts under the former King, but during the past month, his post count has exploded, reaching almost to the post count of the King by under 26 votes!

Despite Heil68 having joined a few years earlier than the King, his post count was still lower than his majesty, possibly due to the fact that Gamespot did not preserve the posts from his first few years (the current forum engine only counts back to 2007).

However, despite the former King’s blabbermouth, Heil seems like he might be able to take back his well deserved throne over Champ’s head.

“I’m about to overtake the former king, heading straight to the top.”

Fellow SW posters are also happy to see the turn of events:

“btw… anyone here want to see @jg4xchamp and @Heil68 get in a posting war on the top posters wall? I kinda do…”


Despite the recent turn of events, Heil and the King are still far below System Wars’s top posters. As of November 5th, 2013, mitu123 is still far above the pack.

post count 11/5

What he posts about all day I don’t know, but will anyone be able to take his place?

Charizard? Lundy? SW King DarkLink?

Maybe even you?

No, maybe not.